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Vi.Co.D.E. Timeline

Blog N° 1

Project timeline

The project was realised in 5 successive phases.

PHASE 1 August/2020 - February/2021

Background and definition of what a video conference is. Research and comparative analysis of existing platforms and software. Functionality and features of the different software.

PHASE 2 October/2020 - January/2021

Collection of existing video material, analysis and classification of lessons. Development of new working techniques: new vocabulary, new exercises, new training structures.

PHASE 3 January - April/2021

Formalisation of the results of the first phase of the research work. Practical application, recording and annotation of the new classes designed according to the new criteria. Refinement of the teaching tools.

PHASE 4 May/2021

Deductions from the project. Highlighting limits and potential for development. Link and overlap with a new research project "Invisible Wire" funded by the German National Dance Association and the German Federal Government for Culture and Media, which aims to create a new platform for approaching some basic topics related to dance training, as well as providing customised tutorials and training programmes to increase the psychophysical and artistic performance of the dancers.

PHASE 5 June/2021

Creation of an open source blog platform on my website in English/German to publish the results of my research in order to open a discussion on how to teach dance through video conferencing.

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