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Archiving and annotation Tools

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Blog N°10

Another interactive learning system for dance is the one I used to facilitate my work of annotating and archiving the video material of the lessons I taught in video conferences. I mentioned this system in my Blog number 08.

Motion Notes

Motion Notes, is the outcome of a European project named CulturaleMoves.

CultureMoves is a user-oriented project that aims to develop a series of digital tools that will enable new forms of touristic engagement and educational resources by leveraging the re-use of Europeana content. The project stands on 3 pillars: technology for content re-use adaptation and sharing, real-life use cases for tourism and education, intangible cultural heritage and more specifically dance.

The "MotionNotes" annotator is designed to support the creative and research processes of both professional and amateur users who normally work with a digital device for personal annotation. It will be useful for all areas of work involving the performance of the human body or movement behaviour in general.

"MotionNotes" is a real-time multimodal video annotator based on keyboard, touch and voice input. Its main differentiator is that it allows real-time video recording and note-taking directly over the running video.

Below are some images of the archived material, annotated with Motion Notes.

Quelle: Archiving Video Conferencing Material by Paolo Fossa

Quelle: Archiving Video Conferencing Material by Paolo Fossa

Quelle: Archiving Video Conferencing Material by Paolo Fossa

In addition to Motion Notes, there is an earlier annotation programme Motion Bank, which was created for the needs of the project "Inprovisation Techology" and illustrates on CD-ROM the teaching method of the choreographer W. Forsythe. I decided to use the tools of this software for my second project, "Invisible Wire", mentioned above, as this programme offers not only annotations but also the possibility to create an information grid that can be inserted into any web page.

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