Transition - Chantier

In close cooperation, the Tanzhaus NRW and the FH Düsseldorf have created  two projects with design and media students, choreographers and musicians. The first results of these works are presented within the TEMPS D´IMAGES festival in thirty minute chantiers, so called “artistic building sites”. 

Transition is an interactive Media-Show. Thematically the project is based on the “five stages” model of psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and her research on death and dying: refusal, negotiation, rage, depression, acceptance. Both the dance and the graphic elements deal with each stage in an abstract but wise way.

With the combination of computer generated visualizations and the choreographic input, the interactive installation tries to establish an enactment of transitory processes.


Premiered January 17th 2013 Tanzhaus NRW Temp D'image 201


DANCED BY: Giada Scuderi, Paolo Fossa

LIVE MUSIC BY: Frank Schulte

STAGE DESIGN BY: Magdalena Bohn, Jennifer Stark, Tobias Hoffmann

DRAMMATURGY: Paolo Fossa, Giada Scuderi, Magdalena Bohn, Jennifer Stark, Tobias Hoffmann

MEDIA DESIGN: Magdalena Bohn, Jennifer Stark, Tobias Hoffmann, Jochen Feitsch, Stefan Meyer, Christian Mortsiefer and Daniel Seeger

COSTUMES BY: Giada Scuderi and Paolo Fossa


CO-PRODUCTION: Festival Temp D'images

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