Paolo Fossa merges together elements of various discipline such as martial arts, Yoga, capoeira, Body Weather, Feldenkreis and physical theatre with contemporary dance technique. Focal point of his work is the use of the imagination and instinct. Complex motion will be decomposed and analyzed in prime movements parts so to get a deeper knowledge of body’s architectures and structures and to become more aware of the one’s own body, to accept one’s own limits and to learn to work with them to improve the one’s own talents and to preventing injuries. By training our power of imagination, we are training our nervous system and thus improve our concentration and coordination. An ideal complement to the daily work..


Work phases:the first step is a physical and mental preparation to the following work. It consists in a continuous flow of elementary and dynamic combinations into the space; elongation and building up of the different muscle mass, mobilization of the body joint and awareness of the impact of the breathing rhythm throughout the execution of the exercises. In this part of the training, coordination and reflex reaction time will be enforce, also thanks to exercises based on game played in pair or group, based on action / reaction, space / volume.

The second phase is based on three points:- Transferring the orientation of the movement in the space. Bodie parts leading movement, changing of focus, interception of body and room geometry.- The surrender to the gravity with a focus on the falling and coming up dynamics. Floor work, upright and horizontal jump, up side down transfer.- The natural dynamics of torsion and curve of the torso. Spinning, twirling... The three points are used as generators of the movement and allow a great saving of the energy so the dancer can concentrate on the quality of his movement.In the third and last phase, from short and simple combinations, the work goes into more complex sequences where the dancer can freely create and offer a different color to the execution. 

The goal is to stimulate a personal research to the dancers by giving basic elements of reflection on the body  and mind mechanics. Also to create a complex architecture of movements in the inside and outside space of the body starting from basic ideas of motion.

Fotos Training

Contemporary and Improvisation Training  

Companies and Theaters

Stadttheater Gießen ( Dir. Tarek Assam )

Stadttheater Bielefeld ( Dir. Gregor Zöllig )

Staatstheater Bremen ( Dir. Samir Akika )

Staatstheater Braunschweig ( Dir. Gregor Zöllig )

Staatstheater Kassel ( Dir. Johannes Wieland )

Staatstheater Darmstadt ( Dir Mei Hong  Lin )

Theater am Gärtnerplatz München ( Dir. Henning Paar )

Theater Pforzheim ( Guido Markovitz )

Cooperativa Maura Morales ( Dir. Maura Morales )

Din A 13 Köln (Dir. Gerda König )


Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf ( Dir. Bertram Müller )

Quartier am Hafen Cologne

Barner Crossing Cologne

Produktionszentrum Stuttgart

Danshuis Station Zuid Tilburg 

Majaze Catania IT ( Emma Scialfa )

Pillole Dance Festival Milano 2013

Pollino Dance Festival Basilicata  2011 ( Dir. L. Calabrese )

Kaay Feec Dance Festival 2011 Dakar

Professional academies and School

DansArt Tanznetwork Bielefeld  ( Dir. Dan Agbetou Tchekpo )

JET ( Junges Ensemble Tanzhaus ) Düsseldorf ( Dir. Ulla Geiges )

Fontys Dance Academy Tilburg

Ivanson  Munich ( Dir. Jessica Iwanson )

Vorbildungsreihe " Inklusive: Tanz! "  2015- 2016 LAG.Tanz NRW

Social Project with Children an Teenager 

Theater Heilbronn Theaterclub 2 Project Bluawalherzen with Teenager

Burggymnasium Altena, Gymnasium an der Eft, and others.

Fuoricentro Spazio danza e Teatro Lucca ( Dir. Elisabetta Fiorini )

Videos Training

Pillole Dance Festival Milano 2013

Staatstheater Bremen 2014

Danshuis Station Zuid Tilburg 2009

Majaze Catania 2010

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