Shenzhen Art School


Cooperation between Shenzhen Art School ( Director: Huang Qicheng ) and Tanz Art Ostwest and Tanzcompagnie Gießen ( Director: Tarek Assam )

Project description

From 05.June to  05.july. 2017

35 Student of the Shenzhen Art School will be part of this cultural exchange. They will exercise 3 hours a day in contemporary dance and improvisation skills. Aim of the project is provide students a Syllabus to refer.

Linked to this project i decise to collect shorts daily Video trailer as documentation of the developement of the Student Work, with the intention to show the development of the body and the mind of the student, in so doing establish a proven method  of work.

Below shorts Video of the daily work

Shenzhen Art School Day 2   深圳一昼夜 二

Shenzhen Art School Day 3   深圳一昼夜三的

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